How To Give Back This Holiday Season


The holidays are easily the most stressful time of the year; whether it be for finals or the seemingly endless family time, it’s hard to feel ‘on top’ of things. But, we have to admit that it can be a very selfish time of year. While it’s not on purpose or anyone’s fault, there’s no better season to give back to your community and be thankful for all you have. Community service is hands down the best way to show your gratitude and there are many local opportunities in Lake Villa and Lindenhurst. Here’s a list of the top places and events to sign up for.

  • The Northern Illinois food bank of Lake County is always looking for help sorting and organizing donated food. You can visit on weekends to help or check their website for other events.
  • Many shelters in the Chicagoland area become overwhelmed when the cold comes around. A great and fun way to support these shelters is to contact businesses and ask for donations for home goods and clothing. Things such as soap, deodorant, and toothbrushes are often approved for donation. Coats, socks, and gloves can be bought from a thrift shop or in bulk online. You can either put together bags for individuals or donate everything for the shelter to distribute.
  • Gurnee Mills mall has opportunities for toy drives, coat drives, and the ‘secret santa’ trees.
  • Buy some fleece fabric and make your own tie blankets. They’re super easy to make so you’ll be able to make a lot in only a night. Then donate them to any local churches that house or shelters in the area.

Here’s to hoping you have a full heart this holiday season and remember to be thankful and give back to your community.