People of Lakes: Jayden Townsend

Willow Finch is a very colorful person. She describes herself as shy, nice, and gay. Others may say she’s also unique. Especially since she likes very weird food combinations: cereal with water. “I only drink almond milk, and there was only a little bit of regular milk left. I was like, ‘I don’t want that nasty stuff’ and I saw that we had a jug of water. So I was like… ‘come over here’” said the Lakes sophomore.

Willow was born and raised in Lake Villa with her family who she describes as “distant, but close.” She went to Augs before going to Lakes Community High School, and is enjoying it so far. 

“It’s pretty good: I like socializing with people,” she says. In fact, her all time favorite assignment was making a pinball machine. Willow keeps calm in most situations, but was embarrassed when she was “getting pantsed in 7th grade”.

When not doing school work, Willow likes to socialize with her friends. Willow also doesn’t mind relaxing in her room by herself though. She says that she likes “laying in [her] bed, with the windows open, while it’s storming.” She also likes the band known as Twin Suns. When asked about the world, she says she views it in both a positive and negative light.

 “There’s a lot of good things, and theres a lot of bad things… it’s not like you can just ignore the bad things and focus on the good things.” One of the bad things, she believes, is how adults raise their kids. 

“They need to have rules, but [not] put too many rules to the point it’s controlling,” his sophomore believes. 

Willow wants to be a math teacher when she grows up. She’s very smart and has an amazing future ahead of her. She would love to live in Alaska when she grows up. Maybe it’s to go snowboarding, since she’s never tried that before. Overall there’s a lot about this Lakes Sophomore that you wouldn’t know from just looking at her. You just have to ask some questions and get to know her colorful personality.