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Summer Concerts

June 1, 2018

Summer Festivals

Summer Festivals

May 22, 2018

Top 3 Things To Do Before the End of the School Year

May 22, 2018

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Girls Golf

September 5, 2018

Lakes Soccer

September 5, 2018

Lakes Football Week 1 vs Deerfield

August 27, 2018

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  • Hallway Interrogation: Kira Knauf , Junior

    Netflix or YouTube? YouTube   Rain or snow? Rain   Breakfast or dinner? Dinner   What is the weirdest food...

  • Hallway Interrogation: Isiah Talley, Sophomore

    Would you rather camp in a tent or camper? Camper Why? Bc I don’t like...bugs. Do you like the beach or hiking? Beach What would ...

  • Hallway interrogation: Alexys Hogan

    Netflix or Hulu? Netflix   Favorit brand? Lululemon   Favorite piece of clothing/accessory you own(ed)? Adidas Nmds ...

  • Starbucks Summer Drinks

    It’s that time of the year folks. Summer time, introducing Starbucks new lovely drinks. First let's start off with the blended ice drinks called fra...

  • Roommate Agreements

    Going to college means there are a lot of new things coming: lectures, greek life, moving to a new place, but sometimes the most scary part is the ide...

  • 4 Best Summer Jobs

    Babysitting- If you like kids this is a great way to make easy money. Ask your local neighbors or friends and families if you could watch and entertai...

  • Things To Do In College

    Eat on Campus Get a job on campus Save coupons Start to cook Budget on spending on things you don't need Shop around Do laundry whe...

  • Hallway Interrogation: Sara Smith, Junior

    What is your favorite food? Pizza What is your favorite color? Blue What is your favorite sport? Basketball What is your dream job...

  • Jori Bowen’s What Makes a Great Teacher?

    The most recent issue of Talon Times featured a story about what makes a good teacher. Three Lakes staff members lent their voices to this piece, incl...

  • Hallway Interrogation: Chance Hoeller, Senior

      What is your favorite horse? White with brown spots What is your favorite type of shirt? Nike sports shirts So dri-fit? Yeah...

the voice of Lakes Community High School
the voice of Lakes Community High School