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Studying for Finals

Studying for Finals

December 18, 2018

30th World AIDS Day

Amelia Westfall, Staff Reporter

December 1, 2018

Today is the 30th World AIDS Day. Founded in 1988, World AIDS Day honors those who have died from AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) related diseases and those who continue to suffer from HIV (human immunodeficiency vir...

Preschool Family Night

Preschool Family Night

October 29, 2018

Taking Care of Small Pets

Amelia Westfall, Staff Reporter

October 18, 2018

Small animals can be extremely smart and social creatures when given the right care and attention. In order to maintain a healthy life for your small pets, make sure you observe the following steps. Do your research. Long before you even ad...

Hallway Interrogation: Senior Evelyn Velez

Carmen Martinez, A&E Editor

October 16, 2018

What is your favorite city? Guam First thing you would do with a million dollars? Get McDonalds Favorite word? KVIIlyn Cholewinski State you forget exists? District of Columbia Winter or Summer? Winter Pizza or ...

Tips For When Studying

Tips For When Studying

September 30, 2018

Hallway Interrogation: Kira Knauf , Junior

Adam Hartzer, A&E Editor

June 11, 2018

Netflix or YouTube? YouTube   Rain or snow? Rain   Breakfast or dinner? Dinner   What is the weirdest food you’ve tried? Alligator Nuggets   What’s a fun fact no one k...

Hallway Interrogation: Isiah Talley, Sophomore

Kelly Scheuring, Editor-In-Chief

May 22, 2018

Would you rather camp in a tent or camper? Camper Why? Bc I don’t like...bugs. Do you like the beach or hiking? Beach What would you do if you were being chased by a bear? Run faster than the guy next to me ...

Hallway interrogation: Alexys Hogan

Zachary Timmerman, Photo & Video Editor

May 22, 2018

Netflix or Hulu? Netflix   Favorit brand? Lululemon   Favorite piece of clothing/accessory you own(ed)? Adidas Nmds   Favorite teacher? Ms. Comito   Chipotle or Portillo's? Portillos ...

Starbucks Summer Drinks

Rachael Speck, Opinions Editor

May 21, 2018

It’s that time of the year folks. Summer time, introducing Starbucks new lovely drinks. First let's start off with the blended ice drinks called frappuccinos. The most popular one is the new Ultra caramel frappuccino. This new s...

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