NBA YoungBoy’s New Album, “Don’t Try This At Home”


NBA YoungBoy dropped his first album after getting released from jail a couple years ago. There was so much hype for this coming out because it’s his “comeback” album and  some fellow Lakes students were asked about how they felt about the album. Some of the questions that were asked were what would rank this album out ten, if they would recommend this to fellow friends, students or family members and what was their favorite song on the album.

First interview was with a junior named Danny Mentone and his honest rating for the album was a 7.5/10. His reasoning was because it was not what it should have been while YoungBoy had years to make this album great and did not meet the standards for the junior. He said “ I would say everyone under the age of 23 because it gets a little bit explicit and I don’t know if the older people will want to listen to that but if you , you do . Mentone stated “my favorite song by far on the album is WTF with Nikki Minaj”. He claimed that this was his favorite song because he liked how YB and Nikki’s voice mashed up.

Lastly, Mentone says “ NBA YoungBoy is a top 3 artist and he’s not top 3”. Mentone explained how he has listened to YoungBoy ever since right before he started to blow up and become mainstream. He said “The way his music has evolved and has sounded is so amazing to see because it changed for the better drastically.”

To conclude most would say that the album was a good album and definitely feel that it will grow on people the more they listen to it. Make sure to keep a lookout for these songs moving up in the charts as they have a lot of potential. To sign off, go give the album and listen and let me know your thoughts on the album.