Adventure Ed. Hijinks

Lakes Adventure Ed students had the chance to participate in a field trip to The Peshtigo River in Wisconsin. Where they had to survive their own food and hand made shatter (tents). They end thankfulling coming back all alive. But I’ve been told it was a close call. Especially with an expected 4 inches of snow to come at, you guessed it, the end of April.  You always have to be prepared for mid-wester weather. Mr. Gedville explained to the class first, but they still had to bus home in the middle of the night to avoid the snow.  The time the students did spend at the river did seem fun. That is if getting soaking wet on a floating piece of plastic in rapids is considered fun.  I’m just glad everyone made it home safely. Except those who were taken out by the annual “Senior Water Gun Fight.” They did not make it to the next round of the game. It interviews surviving members Ben and Emma to see if they ever felt that their life was threatened. Did you feel your life was ever threatened on the trip? Here is what Ben had to say… I did see death a few times when I was on the Peshtigo. I fell a total of 5 times and every time I saw my life flash before my eyes. I do declare that it was a tremendously joyous trip and it was quite exhilarating being on those rapids. Emma said… I was scared that other people’s lives were threatened. It does seem like an eventful trip and I would like to say again that I am so relieved everyone made it back alive.