People of Lakes: Madeline Dahm

“I hate reading” says Madeline Dahm. She would much rather spend her time relaxing at the lake and fishing than with her nose in a book. Though she loves fishing, overbearing loads of schoolwork haven’t allowed her much free time to do what she enjoys. 

Lack of free time isn’t the only reason Dahm dislikes school. She is still haunted by her tragic fall down the stairs her freshman year at lakes. Though Dahm has lived in Lake County all her life, she dreams of moving to Montana  because “no one really lives out there”

Dahm wants to retreat to the solitarity of Montana not for dislike of people, but for love of nature. She would rather be out hunting and listening to her favorite country artist, Alen Jackson, than inside on her phone. Dahm mostly sees the world in a positive light, but says that “there are some people who just make the world a more negative place.” Dahm is also a strong believer that kids today should get of their phones and into nature. 

Though Dahm has always enjoyed spending time in nature, this lakes junior is beginning to go off into the world and has recently started her new job at Menards. She also aspires to go into interior or exterior design, and with her dedication and persistence, we know she’ll get there one day..