People of Lakes: Ben Kingsbury

Is feeding your cat not on time really that bad? Maybe you should ask Ben Kingsbury, a 17 year old senior at lakes high school born on January 14th. Ben states that his worst habit should be not feeding his cat on schedule. Speaking of habits, have you ever read that the hobbit is about the treasure guarded by the dragon? This is one of Ben’s favorite books he had read in middle school at Palombi. 

Despite Ben never feeding his cat on time, he loves the combination of eating pizza and ranch while relaxing on the couch in the living room while his standard family is asleep. While he is relaxing on his phone you could catch him watching history videos on youtube learning about his dream job, or even videos about his dream place to live the “European union”. Let’s also not forget Ben is going to need to learn a bit more about the German language. 

If so we might have to let Ben know to become “a bit” more fluent in german. Never say “a bit” again around Ben, one of his biggest pet peeves is when words are shortened. Hopefully historians aren’t too political because Ben hates when adults are whining about politics. This makes Ben believe that the world is a lot more negative than positive, this means kids need to listen and learn about what can help and have a better attention span. I have a good feeling Ben will do many good things for the world in the future. Don’t forget to always listen to your 70s and 80s music.