Girls Soccer Wins NLCC Championship


The Lakes Girls Soccer team has won the conference title for the first time since 2015! The girls have been on fire this season with a conference record of 4-1 only losing to Grayslake North and an overall record of 11-7-1. Kevin Kullby, head boys and girls coach, is on watch for who is going to step up as the team has seven girls leaving for college and some playing at the next level. Captain Amanda Dietz and Jodie Bristol will be playing at UW-Platteville. I sat down with Captain Elise Collmen and Amanda Dietz to hear how the team is preparing for the postseason.

McKenna: What are your plans for after high school?
Elise: I will be attending University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign and majoring in political science with a pre-law track.
Amanda: I will be attending University of Wisconsin-Platteville and will be playing soccer while majoring in Health and Human performances.

McKenna:How do you communicate with the girls out on the field?
Elise: Mostly it is Kullby and Catiln Pron our goalie, communicating with us on the field since we are constantly running around. Other than that it is a lot of using the best judgment to try and get a goal
Amanda: Being a captain I just make sure to have a loud voice to project across the field. Kullby is also yelling a lot trying to help us understand the next play

McKenna: What is one way you and the team prepare for the Postseason?
Elise: We know that we can play and win, but it is all mental state that we need to work on. We get together outside of school and work on our team mindset to help each other grow, not only individually but as a team as well. We make sure to have a solid team practice and scrimmages to help improve our mental state as well.
Amanda: Well we do team dinners a lot and just have fun. During practices we have been working on PK’s a lot, which is penalty kicks from a few feet out because if we are tied with the team we are against, we need to kick five PK’s and whoever has the most at the end will win the match.

McKenna: Who are some underclassmen to watch out for next season?
Elise: Definitely Anya Silber and Raina Schmitt, both come from two great soccer player siblings and they definitely show that. Both are very athletic and we can definitely see that and it is great to see how amazing they are and we know they will just keep growing
Amanda: Definitely Anya Silber and Raina Schmitt.

The girls are feeling confident rolling up to their first regional match against Antioch High School Wednesday, May 17th.