Lakes Soccer

With the start of the school year entails the beginning of another sports season at Lakes. The boys Varsity soccer team at Lakes is coming off of a regional championship but falling short of the final eight in the sectional.

For the 2018-2019 year, the boys have lost ten seniors and added 14 new players to the team, a total of 24.

Coach Kevin Kullby is confident in his team this year and looking forward to competitive games throughout the season.

“We have good experience in the back and the midfield”, and a good season is in the making. This year goalie Patrick McMahon has had three shutouts and the boys have scored a total of 11 goals out of their six games. Junior Brady Lucas scored six of those goals.

Although Kullby admits it is hard to measure success, he knows his team has strong chemistry as well as “mutual respect” for each other which will allow them to compete well as a whole.

With two potential starters out of the lineup due to injury, Kullby needed to find players he can trust and they haven’t let them down yet.

The Varsity Coach has never seen better “movement of the ball out of the back” and the team has good transitions across the field.

As one of the favorites to win the conference, the Lakes soccer team will have a target on their back going into the NLCC games.

“There will be no easy games” Coach Kullby stated, every game is going to be close and it is about who puts the ball in the back of the net. This is one thing the team has been struggling with as a whole. Kullby believes his team has controlled the game better than their opponents but have come up short when needing to score.

The boys record so far is 2-3-1 and play North Chicago this Thursday.