Brayden THORnton The God of Bowling Thunder

Brayden THORnton The God of Bowling Thunder

The boys lacrosse season is set to begin February 26th, which opens a whole new opportunity for Lakes junior Brayden Thornton, also known as Thor. “It started with my football Coach Gandalfi, because my last name had too many syllables so jokingly he shortened it to Thor,” said Thornton. “Ever since then everyone has called me Thor.”

Not only does Thornton play lacrosse he plays three sports total. “I hate the feeling of being lazy and sitting at home doing nothing,” said Thornton. In football and lacrosse he’s a defensive specialist, and is also on the bowling team. The efforts put forth in playing multiple sports come with its exciting victories, and heartbreaking losses. Thornton has a lot to prove this lacrosse season, He lost in sectionals for bowling and the Eagles finished 1-8 this football season.

Thornton is greatly appreciated everywhere, not just on the football field. He brings up the energy in the weight room and is constantly pushing his teammates to try their hardest and to never give up. “He really has this way of putting everything on the field. Our coach calls it reckless abandon. He doesn’t care what happens to his body or the opponent’s body as long as he accomplishes his goal,” said senior teammate Drew Schmidt. “He’s got the mindset of ‘Screw it. Let’s get it done.”
The brotherhood of football bond can never be broken. “My favorite football memory was the Grant ‘mud bowl.’ It was awesome but felt weird without any fans because it was very quiet and had a crazy atmosphere,” said Thornton. He and Schmidt have been working together nonstop during the football season. “Football is everything to me, so it was hard, but we all love playing the sport,” Thornton said. “We just loved to be able to play on the field with our friends.”

“My favorite football memory was the Grant ‘mud bowl.’”

— Brayden Thornton

Aside from lifting every chance he gets for football, to prepare himself for this upcoming lacrosse season, he’s been on the grind every day working to better himself and set an example as a role model. “My role model has always been my dad, he shows me that I should push through anything and be the very best at whatever I do,” Thornton said. Apart from football and lacrosse, he enjoys bowling, and originally found his fascination with his sister.“ my sister is bowling in a Saturday league and I hated watching so I wanted to join her,” said Thornton. “This [bowling]season went pretty well, I made it to sectionals.”

Lacrosse is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports. “Football is my main sport, but lacrosse is just the next physical sport,” said Thornton. He’s been preparing and putting in the work for this season. Thornton already has his plan for after senior year, “I plan to play football or bowl in college when I go for the start of me joining the law enforcement.” Aside from the expectations he has set for himself for his senior year, he has overcome the struggle of the losses and is determined to defy the odds and prove everyone wrong.

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