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The Power of Positivity on the Field

Drew Schmidt
Senior football player Carson Lipska

Carson Lipska is a senior who despite only taking football years before in middle school, started to play again as offensive lineman #68 late during his junior year in hopes of getting more active in his school.

“My parents told me they’d buy me ‘Pokemon Platinum’ if I joined the team,” Lipska said. On whether it was worth it, he responded, “Oh 100%” followed by five minutes talking about Pokemon.

So far in the season, the Lakes football team has gone 1-4.

Considering the team’s slow start, Lipska is hopeful for the future. “[We] have very good potential; it’s just we need time to build that potential.” The team is composed of just 12 seniors, a number significantly lower than average. Having so many new players causes a need for adjustment and some preparation for the future.

Disappointedly, Lipska considers himself as not that impactful in games. Still recovering from a hand injury suffered before the start of the school year, he also claims he has not made any significant plays.

“I have this responsibility to be a leader, but it feels weird to be somewhat of the weakest on the team,” Lipska says. As one of 12 seniors on a 50+ player team, he has a big authority. Despite his minimal contribution on the field, he has found other ways to support his team.

“My role in the team is to be on the sidelines cheering all game, losing my voice every game.” Lipska feels keeping morale alive is the key to victory. “Football is such an emotional game, the biggest thing is keeping momentum on your side.” Knowing their current teams’ record, Lipska feels this is even more important knowing that most of the team still has yet to grow into themselves as players.

Lipska’s team has shown immense appreciation for his ideology.

“He’s always very enthusiastic,” senior linebacker tight-end Matthew Waterman comments, “If a bad play happens he’s always there like ‘no that was great!’ and generally supporting our effort.”

“He brings a good energy,” tight-end Hayden Mortensen adds. “Last game we were down on ourselves ‘cause we kept messing up, but Carson kept a good energy and helped us come back a bit in the second half.”

Lipska’s positive attitude even made its way to X, when Brandon Walker, an online sports commentator, made a post featuring the student’s section of the latest game at home versus Antioch High School. Lipska was shown with his team vibing to the music coming from the stands, despite being 0-42.

“No mention of #68 in the bottom left…Positive vibes only,” the X user Sean Davis commented under the post, highlighting Lipska’s positive attitude. Even people not aware of Lipska in his team still recognize the positivity he exudes.

Lipska was nominated ‘Good Person of the Year’ at the tail end of his junior year and feels that is one of his greatest moments.

“I’m really proud of that achievement,” Lipska smiles, “I’m glad I did football, and I’m in it this year.”

Lipska hopes to progress in the future reaching for another good person’s reward and watching his team grow, with him cheering on the sidelines.


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Drew Schmidt
Drew Schmidt, Staff
Drew Schmidt is a senior and this is his first year on staff. In his free time, he enjoys playing football and lacrosse. In his free time, he also enjoys metal working.