Stairwell Shows: Christy Green


Designed by: Christy Green

Under the commons stairs, a place nearly every student walks past each day, Mr. Shifely’s AP Art students will be producing their own show this school year. These shows are done either independently or in partnership with another artist. Kicking off these Stairwell Shows this 2019-2020 school year is Christy Green, or as her show labels her, The Mean Green Art Machine. Christy is a Junior this year enrolled in AP Drawing, and the opportunity the Stairwell Shows provide is one that excites her very much. “The most exciting thing is that I’m in the spotlight, instead of a show with me and fifty other great artists. With an independent show, there is more time to focus on one specific artist and see all that they have to offer.” After sifting through six boxes and several piles of art, Christy has produced a show that is special in many ways. She has chosen to display not just her favorite pieces, but a large collection spanning over years of her life. The show begins in 2015 with several small drawings and sketches but as the years go on, not just quantity but quality increase. Normally Christy wouldn’t publicly advertise her old drawings but given the opportunity, she was excited to display a show focussed on her growth, “I’m really excited for people to see that you don’t start at greatness. Even if you think you’re bad at art you can always work up to wherever you want to be.”

Christy’s show will remain below the commons stairs for all those who pass by until the next artist begins their install.