We’re All in This Together


We all know that this is a crazy, strange, and scary time. However, it helps knowing that we have support from across the country. 

Ever since the stay-at-home order has taken place in most states, the social media world jumped in with numerous ways to help us. Aquariums, zoos, and museums are giving virtual tours and hosting interactive lessons about history and animals. YouTubers are working hard to create more content for fans, encouraging them to stay safe and healthy by following their lives at home, while others are live streaming makeup tutorials, cooking lessons, and art demonstrations. If you have younger siblings like I do, Disney Channel is constantly playing in the background, and during every commercial break one of their actors will appear from their homes and encourage the audience to do the same. Nickelodeon offers ways to stay active and even features Spongebob showing the correct way to wash your hands. Garth Brooks, the Backstreet Boys, and many other artists have performed concerts from their homes and some even turned their lyrics into “quarantine” lyrics. Authors have been doing “digital book clubs” and story time for younger kids. Talk show hosts have found a new way to still bring daily entertainment without a live audience and interview celebrities on how they are making a difference. Even major companies are lending a hand; brands such as New Balance and Vera Bradley have added masks to their production to help stop the spread. Machinery companies have stopped some productions to start creating machines needed in hospitals. 

These are just some of the ways the world of social media has impacted our lives during this time. Maybe this is what the world needed- a chance to be more open and caring to one another, showing support nationwide.