License Freedoms: For or Against?


Many people enjoy their license because it gives them the freedom to drive wherever they want. For example, they no longer need to take the bus to school, or have their parents drop them off to school. Instead they now have the free will to drive to school. Three seniors were interviewed and they gave their opinion  on how they felt about driving, and having their license overall.

There are mixed opinions between how people feel with their license. Three high school students who recently received their license reported how they are feeling about it.

Austin Gonzalez, a Junior at Lakes Community High School, reports that he is very happy that he can drive because he does not have to ask his parents to take him anywhere. 

 Connor Sylves, a senior , had a different answer than most that have been interviewed . Solves said, “Driving is cool and all but I get very scared behind the wheel”. 

Lastly, a sophomore by the name of Jacob Sanderson told me that he does not prefer driving because “driving can be overwhelming at times”.

There were mixed reports on the people that enjoy their licenses, Although, not everyone will enjoy their licenses it was very fun getting people’s input about their license.