Rusty Lake Games

The hard to put down puzzle games


Rusty Lake is a mobile game company has successfully pumped out 13 original point click puzzle games that was founded in 2015 by Robin Ras. Consisting of two series Rusty Lake and Cube Escape, the games follow unique storylines from different perspectives, yet are filled with easter eggs from other games in the saga. Each game is an immersive experience that is coupled with a quirky art style and complex puzzles that are sure to keep the player wanting more. In Cube Escape, games are free to play and tend to be on the more simple side, compared to the Rusty Lake ones, which cost money and are more complex because they have more tasks to be completed.
The first game that was released in 2015 is Cube Escape Seasons, which is the beginning of the engaging storyline  where the player picks up tools that unlock different areas so the player can move onto other seasons and continue to learn the storyline. The most common easter eggs that can be found in almost every game are: a blonde lady in a dress, a grandfather clock, Harvey the bird, a mysterious cube, and many others!

The newest game in the series The White Door, which is set to release in early January of 2020, and is hopefully going to answer a few unanswered questions from previous games. These pick up and play games are definitely ones to check out if you enjoy puzzle games.