Super Mario 3-D All-Stars

The hot new game

Lilly Hoy, Section Editor

Things are getting pretty exciting for fans of Nintendo’s Mario games. Nintendo recently came out with a game for the switch, called Super Mario 3-D All-Stars. It combines three classic Mario games, including Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy with bonus soundtracks included. In a trilogy fashion, you can play each one of the games separately. Of the three games, each has a unique storyline and hours of playtime.

The first game is Super Mario 64. The premise of this game is you play as Mario, arriving in front of Princess Peach’s castle where you find out that Bowser stole all the stars and Princess Peach. Your task is to get them back by completing puzzles that can be found when you jump through portraits that take you to different areas. One area is Bomb-Omds battlefield set in a mountain range. To complete the game, you must collect 120 stars in total.

The second game is Super Mario Sunshine. Again, you play as Mario as he and all his friends go on vacation to Isle Delfino, which has become polluted and covered in graffiti. You must collect the shine sprites and depollute the island. One interesting feature is the tools you can use to help you: at one point Mario comes across the flash liquidizer ultra-dowsing device or FLOOD for short. Mario uses a big old backpack that shoots out water and helps clean up graffiti.

The third and final game is Super Mario Galaxy. This time, Mario is in space, but you can also play as Luigi. The storyline for this game is Bowser once again stole Peach. You have to save her by collecting 121 power stars to save her. There are a bunch of different galaxies that you can explore, and just like Mario 64 you jump through different portals to new areas. There you must beat the levels to collect power stars to get to the final.

If you are a Mario fan or want a new game to play you should check out Super Mario Allstars. Hours of gameplay will keep you busy and wanting to play more.