How Entertainment was Affected by COVID


Covid-19 has taken the world by storm and has damaged many businesses, especially local businesses. Entertainment businesses like movie theatres have lost lots of money and many have shut down because they are no longer able to stay open. Theatres may be hurting but entertainment at home has increased as many spend more time with family. The amount of entertainment available currently between movies coming straight to streaming platforms to the cheapness of video games and board games makes it easy to spend time with your loved ones.

Theatres were a nice get away for a few hours with friends and family. After Covid hit, you began to really realize how you miss theatres and how often you went. Theatres for most of Covid have been shut down. In October Regal, Theatres released an article on their website stating they are going to further suspend all activities at theatres and all they are taking to reduce risk at ticket booths and concession stands. Regal and all other movie theatres are all currently closed but depending on certain states and regulations, AMC and Regal have been renting out screen rooms to groups for extremely cheap prices; AMC will rent out one screening room for a total of $100. The max allowed during Covid is 22 people as long as you guys are safe and distant from each other the whole theatre is yours. Currently, Illinois does not allow theatres open. The craziest event involving a theatre during Covid happened at Mchenry at outdoor theatre that stayed open during Covid, due to how it is very safe as you stay in your car and watch the movies. The first movie showing was one of the craziest events to happen, having been completely full and cars parked alongside the road to watch. There were a minimum of 100 cars (probably closer to 200) all there to watch a movie. The investment of opening an outdoor theatre during these times is highly profitable but the downfall is that mchenry and all other outdoor theatres are currently closed to winter. Unlike theatres board games and video games have been people’s current addiction during Covid.

Family games have been people’s current obsession being stuck at home. May it be board games, video games, or card games have been keeping families busy during these boring times. Families have adapted days to play games like poker night, or monopoly night. Forbes article “Sales Of Board Games, Crafts, Puzzles, Soars As America Stays Home” shows the actual percentage of sales of board games. Currently on Amazon board game sales have increased by an incredible 4000% while Walmart increased sales by 100%. Many have filled their life with board games as many are doing with video games. The World Economic Forum posted an article  “How COVID-19 became the perfect match for gamers” shows increase in sales with iPhone mobile games sales in Japan increased by 40% and sales in Europe increased by 20%. Currently video games sales are at $29.4 billion dollars, which is a 23% increase from last year. Video game player count has increased more than double like Warzone has increased player count from 30 million in March to a current 75 Million players as more people are stuck home they preoccupied themselves with gaming. Another huge increase has been in people streaming themselves playing video games and watching streamers. Early on during Covid there was a massive increase in viewers starting with 1.4 million viewers in February then spiking to hit 2.5 million by late March, and forever increasing since then. Video games and board games have been some of the biggest forms of entertainment for people during Covid.

Many have surrounded their life with entertainment as Covid has forced many to stay home. Majority of people have turned to board games and video games with friends and family to stay occupied being so bored at home. If you found this story interesting go check out the other stories about entertainment such as TikTok and its impact on creators and musicians, more in depth look into movie theaters near us, and how the film industry has been impacted.