Animal Crossing Updates


Animal Crossing fans were very happy when Nintendo announced a few weeks ago that the new Halloween update consisted of new NPCs(nonplayer character) and planting pumpkins! This fall update is a different type of experience compared to previous games because of new crafting mechanics and the ability to plant pumpkins. New Horizons has offered new DIY recipes as well that players can use to find their villagers crafting, up in balloons, or washed up on the shores of their island. Some examples of these recipes are pumpkin-themed chairs, lamps, tables, and many more. To craft these items, a player must grow or obtain four different colored pumpkins: white, orange, yellow, and green, but each crafting recipe calls for something different.
With Halloween around the corner, players can start getting ready for the festivities by stocking up on candy to give to their villagers and buying costumes to dress up in. The Able Sister’s Shops are selling a host of costumes in October, like a mage’s robe or skeleton suit. On Halloween night, a special character named Jack will show up at players’ plazas to offer exclusive prizes to players who give him candy. A player’s plaza will not only have Jack, but an array of spooky decorations, while all villagers will gather in costumes of their own to celebrate. Make sure to give all villagers candy or you could get pranked by them!
Nintendo also just announced that there will be another huge update coming in late November. So far, the only information that has been given is a few pictures of two NPCs, Franklin the Turkey and Jingle the Reindeer. In previous games, the two characters host the Harvest Festival and Toy Day. For this update, gamers could see gathering ingredients for Harvest Festival and delivering presents for Toy Day but we won’t know until Nintendo releases more information. Until then, players will be preparing for a spooktacular Halloween!