Ethan Gardner Media day
Ethan Gardner Media day
Abby Gedville

The Life of The Party

Senior Ethan Gardner, or as his teammates call him, “our hype man,” looks to finish the season by hyping up his teammates and playing his best volleyball.

Senior Ethan Gardner, three year Lakes volleyball defensive specialist, has been given the role as the hype man of the team by his teammates. Gardner had seen the court a handful of times last year but still played that role. As the team was in a huddle before the game, Gardner would run and slide under the legs of a player into the huddle and get the game started for the Eagles.

“I always make my team have a positive mindset and I give them a good laugh once in awhile,” said Gardner.

While trying to make others laugh, Gardner is also a hard worker. Making his teammates laugh while also putting in the hard work makes a great team player. Gardner adds, “I have improved a great amount from when I started in terms of passing and hitting OT on my opponents.”

Teammate, Junior, Jack Marino says about Gardner, “Ethan is very important to our teams chemistry on and off the court, he is able to lift our spirits and makes sure that we are able to have fun on the court.”

Gardner was able to play in the Eagles’ game versus the North Chicago Warhawks.

Another senior on the team, Erik Stover, said, “Watching Ethan get into the game was great. Everytime he touched the ball the sidelines started cheering.”

Gardner says on his performance against North Chicago, “I played very well and when I got on the court the teams energy was way up.”

He also was able to play in the game against the Round Lake Panthers. Eagles came up with a 2-0 win while Ethan tallied up one kill and one ace.

“The sideline went crazy when I got my ace and kill. After the game David posted a video of me getting my points,” said Gardner. This goes to show how much love and respect Gardner receives from the team.

After the first stretch of games for the Eagles they sit at a record of 9-8. Noticeable stars, Erik Stover and David Synovic both believe Gardner played a big role in this start of the season. “We have done decent but having Ethan [Gardner] there on the sidelines hyping us up really helps us play and together as a team,” said Stover.

“I am a utility player, I can play where I am needed incase someone gets injured,” said Gardner. Shows the type of player Gardner is and how helpful he is for the team.

As Gardner’s final season is closing he says, “I want to get in the game and play with the guys as a senior one last time.”

Marino is on the same page as he says, “I expect our team to be able to win conference and play a great team volleyball game.”

The Lakes volleyball team looks to finish their season better than how they started it. If the team stumbles upon a rough patch they know Gardner has their back, rallying their spirits and providing support both on and off the court.

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