Running on to the Next Chapter

Three Lakes Community High School Seniors prepare to take the next step in their Track and Field careers as they commit to continue track in college.
Paige Caruth Media Day
Paige Caruth Media Day
Abby Gedville

Lakes Community High School produces many successful student-athletes who break multiple school records and continue to grow as individuals. No matter where they start, every single one of them can say they had a successful career during their time at Lakes, but it is only a select few decide to continue their careers in college.

Three varsity seniors on the Lakes Girls Track and Field team have committed to continue their athletic careers in college. These seniors include pole vaulter Josie Gates and long-distance runners Madison Twarling and Paige-Elicia Caruth. There were multiple reasons these athletes decided to continue track in college, but there was one similarity between them all.

“I think that it’s just really fun to compete with other people and I enjoy being part of a team. I know that college will be a great way to meet new people and just feel like I’m part of something as a group,” said Twarling, who is committed to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

All three athletes hope to contribute to their new teams and they look forward to becoming important members of something new. As they are getting ready to go to the next chapter of their careers, they are beginning to think of the goals they will have for themselves in college.

“I want to run the 1500, 5k, and 10k in track, and then make the cross country top seven because just like high school, you have to make the top seven to travel,” said Caruth, who committed to the University of Tulsa.

But before they start thinking about and working on all their new goals for college, these girls still have many goals to complete at Lakes before they move on.

“I definitely want to get the school record back. Joycelyn [Crum] took it from me and I am really close to getting it back this year,” said Gates, who is committed to the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.

“I’d like to make it to state one last time”

— Madison Twarling

“I’d like to make it to state one last time,” said Twarling.

While they think about their final goals in their high school track careers and all the good things to come in a new place, all three of these girls share how much they will miss the Lakes track team.

“I will miss my teammates, the coaches, all the meets, but definitely all the relationships I have built with the people here and those who have supported me along the way,” said Caruth.

“I will miss my teammates and definitely coach Jazo,” said Gates.

As the high school season is very quickly approaching its end, the time to start their new careers is almost beginning. All three girls will be missed when they leave the Lakes track team, but they will move on to accomplish many more great things in their athletic careers.

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