Candy Hearts or Mac and Cheese: New Products for Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day only days away, every store is stocked with all types of candy and everything pink and red. However, many companies are getting creative in their holiday products to make up for economic struggles during the past year. From coffee shops and food companies to retail stores and small businesses, these companies have taken Valentine’s Day a step further than traditional chocolates and hearts. 

For years, Starbucks has been “brewing the love” with their signature drinks and cafe items. This year, however, they are taking advantage of the latest trend; their reusable tumblers and travel cups. You might remember last year when the color-changing cups were all the rage; now they are back but decorated with extra love. New tumblers also contain Valentine’s Day colors as well as more pastels and florals to use in the spring. Similarly, Dunkin’ Donuts is targeting Valentine’s Day sales with their new slogan, “Love, Dunkin’”. They have recently introduced new menu items for the holiday, including the Brownie Batter Donut (chocolate donut topped with brownie filling), Cupid’s Choice Donut (strawberry frosted with Bavarian Kreme), Mocha Macchiato, and the Pink Velvet Macchiato. Dunkin’ is also introducing the “Wedding is on the Menu” contests as a way for engaged couples to bring more fun into their day, especially due to pandemic. Between the merch and photo contests on social media, many have chosen to say “I do” at Dunkin’.

But really, who wants chocolate when they can have candy-flavored mac and cheese? Yes, you read that right. The pink-colored pasta comes from a contest from last year, as a way to bring in more customers. Kraft decided to hold a contest to enter for a chance to win this interesting product. Don’t worry; the color comes from carrot and beet concentration, and those who have tasted it have compared it to vanilla. OREO also decided to make a bold new item by collaborating with Lady GaGa. Inspired by her new album, the cookie is golden with green creme. While there has been somewhat of a debate on social media over what flavor the cookie actually is, many say it is vanilla. Even though this is not technically a Valentine’s Day item, it is still clever marketing and its limited-time availability corresponds to the holiday.

For the past few weeks, the heart-shaped Kate Spade purse has social media followers on the hunt. For Valentine’s Day, the company is offering some fairly large discounts on their products. They are also marketing their products more for “Galentine’s Day,” symbolizing treating yourself or your friends. Etsy is also large sales to promote small businesses, as they were some of the hardest hit due to the pandemic. Many other businesses are offering sales as well to make up some of the revenue lost this past year.