Joe Biden’s First 100 days as President


With the inauguration that happened last week, January 20, 2021, Joe Biden has officially taken his place in office. Biden has promised to make many big changes to the nation, some being calming the effects of the coronavirus, molding the economic recovery, assisting climate change, and debating the amount of power tech companies hold. 

Biden has a very passionate stance on minimum wage. He had a plan to shift the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and it has faced lots of strong opposition. This idea was proposed hand in hand with his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan. This expensive plan is supposed to help reduce the economic toll the virus has made. Stimulus checks are handed out every three weeks. This money handed out to the people is supposed to be used as spending money, that way the money is going back into the economy. This plan can be a bit deceiving as though people are still given the option to put this money into their savings. By doing this people defeat the purpose of giving back to the economy.

Not only is President Biden handing out checks to the people, but he is also helping with climate change. One of the ways Joe Biden is helping with climate change is by reinstating tough nationwide rules for mileage standards that were once weakened during Trump’s presidency. By doing this, he is reducing the greenhouse gas emissions.

President Biden’s first 100 days may seem very productive, but sometimes looks can be deceiving as many of his plans can lead to several consequences that go unthought of. Biden sees a lot of potential in the U.S. and wants to make it the best it can be.