Less Restrictive Dress Code


You trudge into your third period class bearing a stack of biology textbooks. Whilst searching for your desk, you attempt to swat at the hair that keeps falling into your eyes. In the process, your nude colored bra strap slips off your shoulder, but you are too preoccupied to notice. Sweating, you finally sit down in your chair. Just as you look up, you are met by the judging eyes of your teacher. He hands you a slip urging you to go to the dean’s office, for you have just been dress coded. 

This happens to be a reality for many students across the country, excluding the students of Lakes Community High School. The 2021-22 student handbook explains how “the primary responsibility of the student’s attire resides with their parent(s) or guardian(s).” In other words, if your parents are cool with your outfit, the school is cool with your outfit.

The large amount of hats that can be spotted in the hallway prove that students are taking full advantage of the looser dress code. Days of worrying over rips on jeans and the width of a shirt strap are over. Many feel as if the unnecessary anxiety a strict dress code brought has been lifted from their shoulders.

 Elise Coleman, class of 2023, likes how “The new dress code is not totally restrictive. It is cool to see people express themselves freely through what they are wearing. Although, some people should practice better judgement in what is appropriate.” 

The student hand book does express the importance of dressing for a school’s environment. Although there are no extremely strict enforcements, I would argue it is still important to be conscientious of others around you.