Virtual Visit: DePaul University

Whether you want a closed campus or not, DePaul University could be the place for you. DePaul University is divided into two campuses; you can either go to the Lincoln Park Campus or the Loop Campus. Both of the campuses offer rooming yet after talking to many people, they preferred living on the Lincoln Park campus. The rooming on the Lincoln Park campus offers suite style rooming in University Hall, which consists of mostly freshman. These dorms, can fit up to two people and four students share one bathroom; also a plus is that there is free laundry on every floor. For sophomores-seniors they can continue to live in the dorms or they can live either in apartment style rooming or live off campus.  

The Lincoln Park campus averages a 10 minute walk between your classes, dining, and dorms. The Loop campus is on average a 20 minute ride on the Red Line on the ‘L’; it all depends on weather as well. The classes at DePaul can range from 30-40 students and can be as small as 5. This school has no lecture halls unless you go into an intro class or business. The classes are only a half and hour; as a class you meet around 20 times per month. Since classes are shorter and you have only limited time, attendance is very strict.

DePaul is three quarters which is 10 weeks of classes and one week of finals. For winter break it is six weeks and for spring break it’s one week. All full-time students get unlimited access to the ventra, trains, and busses. The student center does offer discounts on tickets, sporting events, and concerts in the city. At DePaul the involvement is very high and they encourage it. There are 350 clubs and organizations. More can be made if there are enough people and if you have an advisor for it. Six months after graduation, 93% of their students are either employed or onto grad school.

By then end of the tour I really liked the school but the thing that turned me off was that it’s not a fully close campus. So if you’re looking for an open campus in the city, go to DePaul.