High School Musical Four at Lakes

With the new series on Disney+, there has been a lot of new interest for a new movie. Disney held an audition including thousands of schools around America, and Lakes entered, and fortunately got the outstanding opportunity they have been given. As we are preparing for the upcoming High School Musical production at Lakes, there is a lot of hassle going on. There is a lot that needs to be done with little time, and the theatre program  has been experiencing pressure due to the high expectation for this musical to be the best one yet. High School Musical 4 was in high demand and the theatre decided finally that they will give the community what they want.

Josephine Farrell, a student and theatre member at Antioch Community High School made it clear that she has envy for the Lakes theatre program, as she has been wanting to perform a new version of High School Musical ever since she has been a part of theatre. A peer, Mohammad Abdeljaber “cannot wait to see what they have to offer”. Mohammad also added that if he had known that they would be showing HSM, he would have undoubtedly joined the theatre program.

In this production they are even including the famous Ashley Tisdale, who originally played the character Sharpay Evans in the previous HSM’s. She will be playing her character so this one was not up for grabs. It almost seems too good to be true…

Unfortunately it is, happy April Fools!