Girls Varsity Volleyball Game Recap


The Varsity Girls Volleyball squad has had ups and downs throughout the season. The girls are looking to stay positive and bounce back after a loss and are using the desire to win towards Sectionals. The girls have worked very hard throughout the season and have secured 9 wins.

On October 17, the girls volleyball team played a hard-fought game against Lake Forest, but unfortunately fell short to the known “power-house” school. The girls are using the loss as a teaching moment, they understand that you learn more about what needs improvement through defeat, not victory.

“We know we should have done better,” Captain Katie Mercure says, “But we can take it as a lesson and learn from it.” Mercure describes how the response to the loss was positive and a good wake up call for what needs to be done before the rest of the season. Outside hitter, Jillian Ellenwood, backs up Mercure with her mentality after the match, “Stay positive and focus on the next game,” Ellenwood says, “you just have to move on.” The team is looking forward to getting in the best shape they can be. Mercure and Ellenwood state the procedure for this process: “We identify what we struggle with and work to improve in those areas,” Ellenwood says. Mercure also agrees by saying, “Practice and a lot of hard work on things we know we aren’t as strong at to make sure we do not have a tough loss again”. Practice time is more important now more than ever for the girls. Practice makes perfect, but the team is focused on maximizing their potential, and keeping their season alive for as long as possible.

It is necessary to focus on working hard and doing your best, but there is fun that needs to be had, that’s the reason why we all play sports. “Work hard and mentally prepare,” Ellenwood says, “But you just have to remember to have fun with your teammates, and have fun playing the game.” The girls are looking forward to the rest of the season, being competitive, and making memories.