Can He Win Again?


Tiger Woods battles injuries and tries his best to return to his former glory.
Many people around the world know of the great and unbelievable Tiger Woods, but not everyone knows what Tiger Woods has really gone through during his career. Woods is often misunderstood and even for the amount of time he has been in the golf industry, people still are in disbelief of what he is capable of. After getting a divorce, getting in a car accident, fracturing the tibia and fibula in his legs, and having severe back problems all throughout his career, people want to know the answer to a specific question about the great Tiger Woods. That question is, can Tiger Woods bring himself back to win another major championship on the PGA Tour? Most people within the golf industry would pronounce Woods’ career as over and that he should retire. But, they are just basing their decision off of the facts and that is that Tiger Woods is getting older and is a lot tighter with all of the surgeries he has gone through.
Brian Kelly is the boys golf head coach at Lakes Community High School and he believes that, “he (Woods) absolutely has what it takes to win another major and if he can be healthy for a period of time with a hot streak, he can win again,” Kelly said.
Tiger Woods is determined to get healthy just like Kelly said and in his mind, he feels he is very far away from retirement. The girls golf coach at Lakes Community High School is Coach Jennifer Schoon and she expressed, “If anyone can surprise us with an unexpected win–It will be Tiger! He’s surprised us before and could do it again,” Schoon said.
Tiger Woods has won 15 major championships and has had a total of 82 wins on the PGA Tour throughout his golf career. He has been spending a lot of time stabilizing his body and taking care of himself. He has only played in a few selective tournaments this past year and will continue to do so until he feels confident enough to play regularly. But, he might never feel that way about his body and might just play occasionally for certain tournaments.
“I think he has the desire to continue to play and Tiger is too much of a competitor to not play. Tiger clearly wants to play and deeply cares about his performance which was shown by his emotions during his possible last walk at St. Andrews last year. The only thing that could knock him out will be his injuries,” says Schoon.
Schoon and Kelly both feel that the ultimate requirement for Tiger Woods in order to make another comeback on the PGA Tour is to stay healthy and not get injured.
“No,” said Kelly and Schoon.
It is a joint agreement from both of the golf coaches at Lakes that Tiger Woods should continue on with his journey to win another major championship because he has shown that he can make a comeback already with the Masters win at Augusta in 2019 and now he just has to prove himself again.