Full Swing Series Recap


The Netflix golf series grows very popular and helps people relate to professional golfers’ lives.
Full Swing on Netflix is a golf series that exposes the lives of professional golfers and how they live each and every day of the year. People that golf around the world are always wondering what happens behind the ropes and they just are inching to figure out the secrets of golf that helped those professionals get to the place that they are now.
Golf, as we some may know, is a game that can never be mastered and people can improve, but they can always have a better shot, better hole, or better round. It grows to be an addiction for many people because they get obsessed with chasing perfection. So, this Netflix series has grown very popular amongst people around the world because they are trying to absorb any information that they can in order to live the life that these professionals have and they don’t.
Golf is a game of strength, strategy, and grit. In order to succeed within this game, you have to have a mind that can forget mistakes easily and move on to the next shot. You have to be able to grind out the difficult shots in order to make moves late in the round even when it seems everything isn’t going your way.
It takes a lot of time and sacrifice to be great at this game.
A former head coach at Lakes Community High School expressed, “I like the episode with Joel Dahmen because all of the other players don’t seem like real people to me. Joel Dahmen is a golfer I can identify with and the footage of him working out I can relate to because he hates it, and so do I” says Kyle Naughton.
Naughton loves rooting for the guy that he relates a lot to in life and in the game of golf.
“Tony Finau is one of my favorite players from this series because there are certain sacrifices you need to make for your family and you might not perform as well as you would like,” says Naughton.
Naughton feels that he understands that when you have a family, you need to make changes to your daily life that you wouldn’t have years ago. He thinks it is cool that Tony Finau is just like him, a man with a wife and kids, and is still prospering at a high level on the PGA Tour.
Lakes golfer Bryce Lucas loved the idea of relating to and imagining what his life would be like if he lived like a PGA Tour professional.
“Dustin Johnson is my favorite golfer from this series because he is only focused on who he is as a person and not what everyone thinks of him or who they might think he should be,” says Lucas.
He likes that even though Dustin Johnson is looked down upon by anti-LIV Tour people from around the world, he stands his ground and is proud of who he is as a person and golfer. He just cares about what is important to him and doesn’t let people affect how he feels about himself or how he lives his life.
The Full Swing documentary helps the audience understand what it is like to live like a professional golfer and what kind of pressures come along with the job.