Senior Start-Up


Photo by Annie Glassey

Lakes Field Hockey Seniors

Mya Pfeifer, Social Media Coordinator

They’ve spent the summer practicing on turf, working on stick skills and conditioning to get ready for the season ahead says senior and captain Annie Glassey. They are putting in all of this hard work because they have a collective team goal of making it to the Elite 8, which is one of the final rounds of the playoffs. The goal was “set by [their] coach, Ms. Comito” says senior Alyssa Centnarowicz but it is what “this whole season’s worth of work will go to”. Since this would be the first time since 2011 that field hockey made it to the Elite 8, it is clear that all of the seniors have a fire inside them to make it there. However, this fire does not come without fear of burning. Senior and captain, Gillian Vettesse, says that her biggest fear is that everyone is going to succumb to “hopeless attitudes” and Jessica Sasser fears the team “letting a couple losses control the whole season”. However, senior and captain Lindsey Kuzmanovich feels confident and thinks it will be “an awesome season”.

Overall, field hockey is looking strong to start this season and here’s wishing luck to the team, and especially the seniors on their last season.