No Time To Stall


On the Track and Field team, there is one yelling voice that makes everyones’ head turn. Shelby Stall is a naturally quiet person, but once she steps foot onto the track, she unleashes another side of her.

The all-star relay runner has been running for 5 years and has found a talent in the sport. Stall’s main events are the 4×200 and the 4×400 and she is typically the first leg of these relays because of her block starts and perfection of the baton handoff. “She handles all of this with ease, which helps her relay and team gain confidence” spoke Coach Zucker, the head girls track and field coach. Although Stall is an excellent runner, she also has much more to bring to the table.

Joining a new sport is not a simple task. Most people don’t try new sports because of the fear of the unknown. Stall did not have this fear going into track. “I joined track because I wanted to meet new people, try new things, and enjoy running,” explained Stall. Stall knew the high level of competition coming into the sport, but was unfazed by the veteran runners. “I feel
like it gets progressively more competitive every year. This inspires me to work hard along with my teammates and supportive coaches.” spoke Stall. It’s a good thing that she joined the sport, because she has made an impact on the team at Lakes. “She is always confident and fierce,” said Coach Zucker., “I think that Shelby is a leader by example.”

On top of being a leader, Stall has also made her presence known in the IHSA. Stall participated on the LCHS cheer team for all four of her years and helped them make it to state all four years. Stall also currently holds the 4×200 indoor school record time and has multiple all-conference, all-sectional, and all-state titles in both her individual events and her relay events. Last year she also placed 8th at State in the 4×400. From her heels to her head, Stall is an all-star. “Her most prestigious title goes to the hard work she puts in the classroom with a culminating GPA of 4.55,” noted Coach Zucker. Many athletes have a hard enough time handling school itself, but Stall doesn’t seem to be phased at all.

Although Track is not the most team oriented sport, at Lakes it seems to be heading that direction. “The team has become a team and has really embraced the idea that we need to work together so we can make another run at winning sectionals and on getting people on the podium,” said Coach Zucker, “We can’t rely on just one athlete, we need everyone working together and adapting if needed.” The mentality of running for yourself could be very easy to adapt, but Lakes has other plans. So far their mentality has made a difference. Stall says that her favorite thing about running in the relays she does, is because of the teammates that support her. Hopefully this mentality will continue for years to come.

Running won’t stop soon for Stall, as she plans to continue running after High School. “I am committed to running track at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN” said Stall. Hopefully running for the next four years will continue to teach Stall lessons, like the ones she’s learned so far. “Track taught me teamwork and communication, especially in relays. I have also learned the importance of hard work when striving for a goal. It has also taught me to be a better athlete. I have learned so many life lessons and skills that I will use in the future.I have learned the importance of hard work, a positive mindset, working with teammates, and not giving up.” Lessons that will continue to stay with Stall for much time to come. Based on her times from the past meets of the season, Stall is predicted to make it back to State and will hopefully leave her mark before she continues to pursue running after Lakes.