What is a VSCO Girl? And I Oooop?


Mackenzie Anderson

I guess you could say that not one thing defines a VSCO girl- essentially a VSCO girl is a very “basic” and aesthetically pleasing girl. You can always find a scrunchie on her wrist, a Hydro Flask in hand, and of course, she never leaves the house without her reusable straw. Not only do VSCO girls have their own style, but they have their own language too! VSCO girls love to say “and I ooop” whenever humanly possible. Not many people really know what it means, but it seems to have the same meaning as a surprised reaction. VSCO girls might sound basic and seem like they have no core beliefs or morals, but they actually believe in trying to help the planet the best they can. They do this by using metal or paper straws and purchasing a 50 dollar water bottle – also known as a Hydro Flask. They advocate for making the world a cleaner, healthier place and are always nice and caring to the people around them.

Overall, a VSCO girls are are a teenage girls who have a style and language that are somewhat aesthetically pleasing, and try to advocate for environment, and make the world around them a better place.