Post Malone’s New Album Review

Post Malone's New Album Review

Jack Murrie, News Editor

With Post Malone’s new album coming out, a lot of people are having divided opinions on whether it was worth all the hype. This album contains seventeen songs- three of those songs have already been released; Wow, Sunflower, and Goodbyes. Since these songs have been out for a while, I will not be reviewing these songs. 

To begin my review, I will start with some of the songs that, in my opinion, were not worth the album hype. I’ll start with ‘Allergic’; while the start of the song sounds upbeat, the rest of the song does not seem to follow the whole upbeat mood. To add on, the beat changes in the middle of the song to a more slow pace, then immediately picks back up to a faster pace. Overall, this song probably could have been excluded from this album. The next song is ‘Internet’. This song is very meaningful because the world we live in is very reliant on social media. This song just becomes a symphony after the first half and does not seem to fit the typical style that Post Malone has. For the last song of the negative review, I will be reviewing  ‘Saint-Tropez’. This song feels like Post Malone wrote this song with only a few lines in mind because this song repeats itself almost three times and they all revolve around going to Saint-Tropez with a girl. This song is definitely my least favorite on the album.

Now for the positive reviews. If we exclude ‘Allergic’, ‘Internet’, and ‘Saint-Tropez’, this album is the Post Malone that everyone likes to see. ‘Circles’ is definitely a fan favorite, based on all of the hype it has been recently getting.

Over all this album was really good, but it also is similar to the rest of Post Malone’s recent albums. That is not as bad as it sounds, because Post Malone is a very talented artist. So to rate this album, I would give it a 8.5 out of 10.