Drew Brees Retirement from The NFL

Ronen Kite

Drew Brees Retirement from The NFL


After 15 years with the Saints and 20 years in th NFL, Drew Brees retired On March 14, 2021. Brees, over his 20 years in the NFL, has one of the craziest quarterback stat lines in the NFL and also holds some records.


Brees retired on Sunday March 14 with a video he posted to Instagram. The video shows Brees’ 4 kids sitting on the couch telling the camera that their dad will “finally retire to spend more time with us yay!” Brees also added a description to the video saying “After 20 yers as a player in the NFL and 15 years as a Saint, it is time I retire from the game of football. Each day, I poured my heart and soul into being your quarterback.Til the very end, I exhausted myself to give everything I had to the Saints Organization, my team, and the great city of New Orleans…” Brees continues to go on about his time spent in the NFL and time with the Saints as an organization. Going through the comments on the video you see teammates such as Chase Daniel congratulating him for retiring, and Seahawk quarterback Russel Wilson congratulating and thanking Drew Brees for all he has done for the game of football.


Brees accomplished many impressive things in his 20 years in the NFL. Drew started his first 5 years of his career on the San Diego Chargers. Out of all of Brees career he threw for 80,358 yards, threw or scrambled for 571 touchdowns, attempted 10551 throws and completed 7,142. These were just a few of his career stats but Brees held many records such as, most career passing yards (80,358), most career completions (7,142), won Superbowl XLIV, won superbowl MVP, and attended pro bowl 13x. Brees has many more accomplishments in NFL and his life such as his 4 kids he had in New Orlean while he was playing football, and the release of his first book Coming Back Stronger: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity making it number 3 on the New York Times bestseller list.Outside of the field, Brees created his own foundation called the Brees Dream Foundation. The Brees Foundation was created in 2003, and was made to support cancer patients and help the research of cancer. After moving to New Orleans the foundation began to help people who suffered from Hurricane Katrina. The foundation continues to spread its help to California 


Brees was one of the most influential players on and off the field. Brees accomplished many things as a player and as a leader. Brees started his own foundation that has helped and accomplished many things as a team. Brees will always be remembered as a player, future hall of famer, father, and a philanthropist.