The Al Show


Anyone who witnessed Lakes’ game vs. Grant and saw the final score of 21-18 in Lakes favor, will probably assume that this game was a battle back and forth, and it was. Regardless, Al Hindi was dominant in this game. Al Hindi ran for 226 yards on 35 attempts complimented with 3 touchdowns on Thursday night. Amir says to himself before every run, “nobody can tackle me”. That was exactly the case all game long. Grant struggled to take down Al Hindi but Lakes didn’t have the easiest time taking down Grant. Grant stuck to their run-first offensive style, with their main contributors being Pryde Mendoza and Rylan Art. Al Hindi states, “he ran as hard as he could” in reference to Rylan Art. Al Hindi ran with an extra sense of urgency going into his final few games of his senior season. On the other side of the ball, Nick Albavera had a standout performance. Late in the fourth quarter, Grant managed to march downfield and have a shot at a game winning touchdown. Albavera wasn’t going to let that happen. On third and long, Mendoza broke out into open field until he was met by Lakes’ Payton Rodriguez. Rodriguez managed to punch the ball out of the hands of Mendoza. “I wanted to pick it up and try to run it back. But then I realized that all I needed was to cover it up – just grab onto it because that would secure us the game.” said Albavera. At this moment, every head in the stadium was turned towards the refs. Sure enough, the refs signaled “Lakes ball” and the Eagles had won the game. Albavera was responsible for more than a quarter of Lakes’ 28 total tackles. The Eagles drove home happy that night, with special thanks to the dominance of Al hindi and clutchness of Albavera.