3 sport athletes


What is it like being a three sport athlete at Lakes Community High School? Dermot Larson and Jacob Seiler are just a couple of the three sport athletes at Lakes.
Dermot and Jacob both play football in the Fall, and they wrestle in the winter. Seiler Plays volleyball in the Spring while Larson throws disc and shot put. Seiler has been playing football since he was in first grade, wrestling since sixth, and volleyball since seventh. One of Seiler’s favorite memories from football was freshman year. It was a rainy day so everyone was expecting a not-so-good practice. “We ended up having the best practice we ever had with mud slip and slide at the end,” Seiler said.
Larson was a more unique athlete when it came to entering high school. Each sport he played, he started playing his freshman year, even though he was new to football, he still made some very great memories, in fact, his favorite is the same as Seiler’s.
One of the most important things as a three sport athlete is how they balance out their academics, and their athletics. The way that Larson balances his school work and sports, is just by remembering that he is a student first, and always turning his work in on time. Although similar Seiler has the same way of balancing school work and sports. “You are a student first then an athlete, and no matter how good you are that applies to every person, even the star player has to keep his grades up.” Seiler stated.
With playing three sports and also being an athlete, you learn a lot of lessons and valuable things that are bigger than just sports. Some of the things that Larson finds valuable or meaningful, “work hard and that hard work pays off.” Just a few lessons that Seiler will take out of high school and to his everyday life are sports can change your mentality on the way you think of things, the way you look at certain situations and figuring out a solution right then and there, and it can change your perspective on not only people, but sports and the little things.