People of Lakes: Gianna Blasco

Gianna Blasco (she/her) really likes mustard and being in Talon Times, she is serious about journalism and describes it as her favorite class of all time, “Its a form of self expression” she says.  She hopes to pursue a career in Journalism, she’s that serious. She is skilled at writing and is always asking good questions so she is well equipped for this field.

Gianna was born on August 5th 2005 to a big, loud, caring Italian family with a lot of cooking skills. She went to Millburn Middle School, she actually really enjoys school and likes to get ready everyday and make outfits. She is a very kind person who can get people to open up and feel comfortable, she is proud of this.

She likes reading quite a lot, her favorite book being ugly love, which according to her “was so impactful I only thought about it for quite a while after finishing the book”. She enjoys laying in her room during the summer time with an open window perhaps reading or listening to Tyler The Creator. Along with reading she enjoys writing, specifically in talon times because she wants to write about important topics. She loves cooking and eating a variety of foods with lots of mustard. There is one thing that Gianna hates and that is people that don’t swallow their spit. She has a positive outlook on the world and believes there is beauty in life even when things seem awful, like people who don’t swallow their spit existing.

Gianna hopes to one day live in Greece, the sparkling blue water, lush green hills, kind warm people, and absolutely scrumptious foods are really appealing to her. She wants to try cliff diving one day and to learn Italian, the language of her family. Gianna wants the younger generation to look up and realize it’s not that deep and for the older generation to open their minds and hearts, maybe she can do that with her promising future in Journalism.