People of Lakes: Talon Dyer

The aspiring actor Talon Dyer is a sophomore at LCHS. Dyer thinks about the world in a positive way because, “It would be bad if we thought about it negatively.” He saysHe enjoys a wide variety of music but cannot stand country.

The fifteen year old was born in Plainfield on October 4th, 2006 he moved to Lake county in 2021. Before coming to LCHS Talon attended Millburn Middle School. His family is very loud and opinionated, he has two brothers and two sisters.

Dyer likes to perform in the lakes theater group. When he has free time he likes to sleep and play video games. he thinks that kids of today need to “focus on themselves,” Dyer claimed. Not worry about how others think of them. He also thinks that adults of today need to think about “how they affect the future” He expressed. Adults need to think about how their actions are going to affect the next generations.

Dyer wants to pursue acting in movies when he is older and is getting an early start by participating in theater at lakes. He hopes that at some point in the future he can visit the Bahamas because, “it looks cool.” He told me. He would also like to learn Spanish in case he visits Spanish speaking countries when he’s older. He also hopes at some point in his life he can go skydiving to enjoy the thrill of it.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about Talon Dyer in the near future.