People of Lakes: Hannah Steinert

Hannah Steinert was born on December 27, 2005, she last attended Millburn Middle School. She has a big family consisting of 2 sisters, a brother, and her parents.

She enjoys rap and pop music, speaks Spanish, and has a bad habit of chewing her nails. However, she believes it’s a worse habit when they commit her pet peeve: chewing with their mouths open. Steinert appears to be the more creative type with her favorite project being a 3D design project for a math class. Things aren’t always in her favor though, she suffered a great hardship when her dog was unfortunately hit by a car.

Steinert has a positive outlook on the world, though the light that she sees shining down on it is fading. She’s a very confident individual, not caring what others think about her. She passes the hours as a usual teenager would spending her time hanging out with friends or working.

She would like to work in the medical field in the future and she hopes to live on the beautiful island of Bora Bora one of the many islands apart of the French Polynesia. Being the courageous type, Steinert would like to one-day attempt skydiving. 

This brave, strong-willed, and smart student seems to have a bright future ahead of her, even after her high school years come to an end.