The Impact of TikTok on Upcoming Musicians


TikTok has recently become a place for musicians and people in entertainment to get a fast following. Recently, there has been a spike in streaming of musicians’ work, and streamers’ streams due to the posting done on their TikTok profiles. For example, musicians like 24k Golden, and TBB celebrities like Zach King, David Dobrick, Charli D’Amelio, and Addison Rae have all received more attention based on popular Tik Toks. The average amount of views and shares of these artists’ work becomes popular, and the millions of plays increases the popularity of that work and music.

TikTok is one of the best ways for musicians to get famous due to the way TikTok can share and use sounds. When someone creates a sound or uploads music, it can be used by everyone on TikTok. For example, 24kGoldn one of the first musicians to get big and make multiple viral songs and sounds used throughout the app. For example, his most viral sound used on the app, Valentino, has over 833,000 videos around how to create that sound. Most of the videos using that sound have over 2 million views. To 24k, this means that he has a huge following now due to the use of his sounds on people’s favorite accounts. 24k went from an unknown artist, to being one of the most popular musicians on TikTok. The most recent artist to become popular due to their music is TBB. TikTok states her top sound ‘Say So’ has been used by over 19.3 million users and is still growing. Not to mention her other sounds ‘Candy’ which has 8 million uses and ‘Like That’ with 5.3 million. Former Viners are also getting huge amounts of spotlight due to their videos on TikTok.

TikTok also allows users to get creative and show people what they love. For instance, a former Viner and now the 3rd most followed TikToker on the app, Zach King, became famous for his optical illusions, magic tricks, and heavy editing, which has amassed his follower count to 47.6 million. Zach had a huge following on Vine, but after Vine shut down, Zach went to YouTube then to TikTok. Zach King currently holds the 8th most liked video throughout the app with 15 million likes. Another Viner turned celebrity is David Dobrik. David currently has 22.3 million followers and over 815.1 Million likes, including his main platform, YouTube, with 18.3 million subscribers. David’s content is focused on his extraordinary lifestyle which includes breaking world records, messing with friends, and weird buys including Billboard advertisements, expensive and extraordinary cars for him and his friends.

The biggest creators now on TikTok are music dancers such as Charli D’amelio and Addison Rae. Charli is number one on TikTok with just recently reached 86.1 million followers, and Addison is number two with over 59.9 million followers. Charli, who is said to be the face of TikTok, has 6.5 billion likes and gets sponsored by multiple brands, including  Hollister to promote their jeans. Charli, due to her huge success on this app, is rumored to be getting a TV show dedicated to her family. This show is allegedly going to be a lot like “Living with the Kardashians,” as the camera crew takes us through the lives of the D’amelio’s. Other than just dancing, Charli’s sister has recently started a career in music and Charli and landed multiple roles in movies. Addison also recently became a part of the Vlog Squad, which is run by David Dobrik and his friends. 

TikTok has shown to create potential for growth opportunities and the ability to succeed through the app. TikTok aspires others to pursue what they love and allow people to live their dreams by just making content for their fans.