Weird Food Combinations

Weird Food Combinations

Madeline Chorazy, A&E and Features

Eating is a huge part of everyone’s life. Most like to switch it up by trying  new food combos. Unless you are one of those people that just eat cereal and ramen every day, no hate you’re cool too.  Here are some new ideas to spice up your everyday diet…

Katie Heuschmidt had in my opinion the weirdest food combos. If you know Katie you know her OBSESSION with tartar sauce and fries. She tells me that it must be from McDonalds and that “it’s good okay.” It’s up to you if you believe her. Some of her other favorites were peanut butter and mayo. I am not sure what she does with this, but have at it if you’re curious! Mac and cheese with taco sauce (the one she likes is Ortega Original). Katie and Krista also agree that frozen fruit and coconut milk. You eat it as cereal!

Krista Gfesser had some awesome combos that honestly sound pretty good. Krista loves hummus, she will add a ton of lemon to it and eat it as a dressing. She also mixes rice with hummus and adds cashews. A great way to get a lot of protein without meat. Krista also mentions a dessert that includes ice cream mixed with a spoon full of Nutella with blueberries and a bunch of coconut milk. There you go Krista has a whole new meal just for you.

I also talked to Allie Stoinski and Cayden Hart who also had interesting ideas. Allie said she heard that dipping your pickles in crushed up croutons. Might be a new way to eat your pickles pickle lovers. Cayden Hart has some similar opinions with Katie about tartar sauce. He likes Culvers chicken tenders with tartar sauce and fries with mayo. Well, I guess it never hurts to try something new!