Has TikTok Made Reading Cool???


A labeled “Book-Tok Books” sign sits perfectly perched on a circular table in Barnes and Noble, decorated with novels any teenager would recognize. It Ends With Us, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and People We Meet On Vacation are just some of the titles that have become extremely popular due to the “corner of Tik Tok devoted to reading”: Book-Tok. Many students here at lakes seem to truly be enamored by this literature based side of the popular social media platform. 

Sophomores Katie Kingsberry and Maggie Popp admit that they both have just started reading for pleasure due to the encouragement and guidance Book-Tok has provided them. Kingsberry explains how she “..thought books were solely educational, but then [she] was able to find good romance ones”. As reading has a negative connotation among students in a school setting, Kingsberry was surprised to actually fall in love with reading due to the dreamy romance novels that are highlighted and praised all throughout Book-Tok.

Senior Krista Gfesser, a forever reader, offered her own opinions on the rising popularity of reading. “I’m actually happy people are reading, even if it has now become a sort of trend.” To these new-found readers, she advises to “…expand your horizons, and to not just focus on contemporary romance. If you dig deeper into Book-Tok, you will find better quality reads in all different kinds of genres”, she exclaims. 

Ultimately, many can agree that Book-Tok has had a positive impact on our social media crazed generation. It praises one of the most beautiful aspects of human development: literature. Book-Tok has singlehandedly made it cool to be found reading, and we are all here for it.