Harry Styles Fine Line Album Review

Harry Styles Fine Line Album Review


Olivia Buza, Editor-in-Chief

Harry Style’s second solo album, Fine Line, made its debut on December 13th with a whole new sound. 

Compared to his self-titled first album, Harry Styles, Fine Line reflects on Harry’s journey through a fresh breakup and new melodies. Having a more Indie-rock sound, he is appealing to all audience types. Every track has a new sound and alluring instrumental effects.

Singles, “Lights Up” and “Watermelon Sugar”, take on a more pop-rock sound, and can  make it as a basic radio single played on your typical pop radio station. But once you go past the front cover and listen to the slower stories interwoven in “Cherry” and “Falling”, the album takes a turn. “She” and “Golden” bring up the mood with upbeat rhythms that you could listen to on a road trip or even during a light workout. 

Many are comparing his album with indie band Rex Orange County, with similar song titles “Sunflower” and “Sunflower vol. 6”. If indie-rock music appeals to you, Fine Line is a good addition to your playlist.