Melanie Martinez Gave Film Making a Chance


Anna Gipple, Social Media Coordinator

On Friday, September 6, Melanie Martinez released her new album and film, “k-12”. Martinez began working on this project in 2015. The album was finished in early 2017, and then she took on the role of directing and producing her very own film to correspond with her music. 

In Martinez’s first album, “Crybaby”, she created the crybaby character. “K-12” gave us a deeper look into her vision for the character. According to, “the album is set in Cry Baby’s school and is told from her perspective…it is Crybaby stepping outside of her family life and love life and acting like a narrator for the album”. 

Martinez’s fan base has been showing their love for this project across all social media platforms, and seem to be pleased with her work thus far. Influencers such as Jessie Paege responded to Martinez’s project with a comment on the artists instagram stating, “one does not listen once”. From the looks of her fan and celebrity audience, Martinez has created yet another successful album and a successful first film.