Prom 2023: What are the seniors looking forward to?


Prom has high expectations for most people because of how it can look in movies or TV shows. Prom can look deceiving in movies and shows though for people who have not gone. Most young people think prom is a night to remember, and maybe sometimes it is, so with prom coming up around the corner we asked a couple of Lakes students about their expectations and what to expect at this year’s prom.

Amir Al Hindi, a football player for Lakes, when asked about his expectations for his senior year prom said he is “hoping it’s going to be a night to remember and something [he] can laugh about in a couple years”. Al Hindi is also “really hyped for the food”. Al Hindi and his date Aubrey Christain (Senior) have their outfits for prom and are going to look amazing.

Senior and two-sport athlete, Payton Rodriguez, went to prom his junior year. Last year’s prom for Rodriguez “wasn’t anything special, kinda lame to be honest”. But with Rodriguez has different perspectives from other people for this year’s prom. Rodriguez prefered his senior year homecoming over his junior year prom.

Another three-sport athlete senior, Tayvion Pitts, is going to his senior year prom after not going to his junior year. He “regrets not going but also [doesn’t]” because he heard his friends say it wasn’t that good. Pitts is a little upset that they raised the ticker prices every week.

Pitts is always busy with sports, but is viewing prom as a rest day. Pitts is really hyped for his prom picture and describes his suit as “tuffington.” Pitts hopes he and his friends have a good time, especially since it being his senior year. Pitts and his date India (Senior) are matching in red because they both enjoy the song “Back In Blood” by rapper Pooh Sheisty. 

Eric Goode is a senior who attended prom last year, and plans to attend again this year. Goode described last year’s prom as a “lit epic movie”. Goode went to prom with his football teammates, which was really fun for him. Goode is going with the same friend group this year, and is hoping he can go out on a good time. He loved the bus ride and cracking it up with his friends.

Prom can be a special night for everyone, but it really depends on who you’re with. Being with that special someone or even a big group of friends can really make or break your full prom experience.