George Santos: Life of Lies

George Santos is New York’s 3rd U.S. Representative. While running for his second term, some discrepancies in both her financial and personal life were discovered, and they were rather large ones at that. It appears as though much of Representative Santos’ life, or how he has portrayed it at least, is nothing more than a web of lies. 

While Santos does admit to fabrications, he claims that they were only small things to bolster his resume. However, different investigations have shown that this isn’t actually the case. 

In an article by The Guardian, one massive detail revealed is that Santos claimed his grandparents escaped the Holocaust. In reality, his grandparents were actually in Brazil. Additionally, he has now been forced to admit that he wasn’t actually raised Jewish, but Catholic. 

Another appalling lie he told was that his mother died during the 9/11 terrorist attack. Immigration history shows that it is highly unlikely that Santos’s mother was even in the United States at the time, let alone working anywhere near the World Trade Center. Additionally, later death records show that his mother actually passed on December 23rd, 2016. 

Investigations into the extent of Santos’ lies are still uncovering more fabrications, but Santos still holds his position. Along with still being in Congress, he has also been awarded two committees.

People in his district have become outraged, demanding for Santos to be removed, but nothing has come of it yet. The biggest question right now, is how much more is this man hiding?