The Radioactive Man


Hisashi Ouchi, the radioactive man kept alive for 83 agonizing days. He was exposed to the highest level of radiation that any human has ever seen. His skin had completely melted off and was crying blood.   

 Hisashi worked for the Tokaimura nuclear power plant in Japan. He worked for the power plant for 10 years and was still untrained in mixing chemicals to make fuel. Ouchi and a few of his coworkers’ inexperience would lead to something unthinkable. 

On September 30, 1999 Hisashi and some of his colleagues were on a tight deadline. So the Japan Nuclear Fuel Conversion Co. asked them to make a new batch of fuel quickly to complete before the deadline. They were untrained and mixed 7 times the amount of uranium in the wrong tank. As Hisashi stood directly above the mixture, gamma rays were engulfing the room. People in the town were evacuated immediately, but there was nothing that could be done for his coworkers who had passed away. Hisashi was clinging to life and was rushed to a special radiation ward in the hospital to keep him safe from pathogens. He was in critical condition and regularly flatlined, but was revived at the insistence of his family. 

83 gurling days later Hisashi Ouchi was finally able to escape and had his last cardiac arrest on December 21, 1999.