Student’s Feelings on the Transition Back to in Person Schooling

Transitioning back to being in-person comes with a lot of mixed feelings. How comfortable the transition is is also completely opinion-based. 

A benefit of this transition is that, for some, it might be an easier way to learn. According to student David Hernandez, “Coming in person has helped me raise my grades and talk to teachers and get the help I need for classes.” In a survey sent by the Talon Times, Hernandez also added that he was extremely comfortable with returning to full in person classes.

While student learning is important, the safety of everyone is equally as  important. A disadvantage of this transition is that some students may be uncomfortable completely coming back to school due. One student, Ian Murphy says that he is slightly uncomfortable coming back to school completely because “I still think there are a number of students who do not care or do not abide by COVID restrictions.”

Some students may think that this transition is going to be a pretty tough one, while others believe it will be  fairly smooth. Murphy  also added in the survey that he thinks that “In general it will likely move quite smoothly, as we have already transitioned to an almost 50% in-person attendance; however there will likely still be some troubles that arise from creating lessons that benefit both in-person and all-virtual learners.” 

This is a very opinionated ‘dilemma,’ and everyone must make their mind up for themselves. We will see what the future brings  as most of the students at Lakes return to full in-person learning.