Media Inspired Halloween Costumes of 2019

Halloween is coming up once again and there is a lot to look forward to. Spooky season is all about  fun and scares, not to mention the multiple classic Halloween movies to watch. Most of the costumes are inspired from the media that came out that year, such as movies, TV shows, and video games.

These are the most common Halloween costumes, inspired by media.

In 2019, there were multiple movies that people could pull ideas from, such as Marvel characters. Being Iron Man or Captain America is an easy idea and shows their cultural knowledge. Another big movie that came out is JOKER. This movie came out quite recently and has made a giant impact in the media. Warnings are being handed out on how dangerous this movie could make someone- saying people will get ideas of violent things after watching this movie. The movie was received really well and it will definitely inspire some costumes. Sticking with clowns, IT Chapter 2 also came out this year, bringing back Pennywise, the dancing clown, as an iconic character, with his white makeup, puffy orange hair, and long exaggerated smile. He is a character that most people will recognize, hence a common costume we will all see. 

 Television also gives the world great halloween costumes, and one of the biggest shows came out with a new season this summer. Stranger Things, the mega-giant tv show on Netflix released their third season, not to mention the lot of ideas anyone can pull from. Steve Harrington, everyone’s favorite babysitter, only had one outfit throughout the whole season. His Scoops Ahoy uniform is a costume we will see a lot. While Steve is a fan favorite character, Dustin is as well. With his iconic curly hair and hat, he will also inspire some ideas. Last but not least, we cannot forget about Eleven, the biggest character on the show. She had multiple vibrant shirts and outfits on the show that are in-stores for you to buy.  

Halloween costumes are known for their cultural references, scare factor, and/or comedic value. There will be a lot of unique and creative costumes, but there is a possibility that there will be a lot of multiples. There is no shame in being one of these ideas, but just know, there will most likely be multiples.