Food Review: Cafeteria Monster Cookies

A Review of Lakes Community High School's Lunchroom Food

Adam Hartzer, Editor in Chief

For a while now, some may say I have “an addiction” to the lunchroom’s Monster Cookies. And to an extent, I may. I find that they are the softest and freshest cookies around. It genuinely tastes like cookie dough! Each cookie is filled with soft chocolate chips and crisp M&M candies that will dissolve in your mouth. After researching, I have found that they come from Otis Spunkmeyer’s Carnival Cookie Dough recipe, which is described as “delicious rainbow chip cookies filled with chocolate chips and colorful chocolate candies”. These cookies are available daily on both sides in the lunchroom cafeteria for $2.50. I personally recommend getting it any day that you want to sweeten your day! I am said to be rather picky when it comes to many food items; however, with these I have no complaints.

Adam Hartzer